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High-tech start-up windfalls for the masses

Trade X Confidential has found a way to use high-tech to PROFIT ON High-Tech! By reverse engineering to discover (and spy on) what big investors are considering, this program puts the “little guy” inside the secret boardroom meetings! Now even an “average Joe” can make a fortune on start-ups!

Trade X Confidential, a profit-maker for the rest of us

By the time stories hit the headlines about some new start-up high-tech companies stock going from 2 cents to $50 a share, the average person is too late to cash in on the price surge. That ship has sailed, you missed the boat, and you’re stuck with Coors while someone else sips Dom Perigon. Trade X Confidential gives hope to the “common” people!

High-Tech Profits For Non-High-Tech People! Start to Profit in 3 Easy Steps

Trade X Confidential tells you EXACTLY what to do

This powerful software instantly determines what Wall St “movers and shakers” are whispering about, scans millions of sources to confirm and analyze the possible profits, then gives YOU the EXACT right trade at the EXACT right time to CASH IN like an “insider.”

Trade X Confidential does ALL the work for YOU

Picking the next Facebook or WhatsApp stock that’s on the verge of skyrocketing is tough enough. Knowing what to buy, when to buy and when to exit is impossible for most of us. Until now. The Trade X Confidential “Auto Trading” setting will make you a FORTUNE!

Trade X Confidential keeps YOU “in the loop” AND “in the money”

While the Trade X Confidential “Auto Trading” feature takes care of making you money, you can keep an eye on your new profits at a glance. Instantly check the status of your Open Trades, your Trade History, and most importantly, YOUR PROFITS! And it’s ALL AUTOMATIC!

frequently asked questions

So you have some questions about Trade X Confidential? We thought you might.
Here are some we hear the most;

I have no trading experience. Can I use Trade X Confidential?

YOU are exactly the type of person Trade X Confidential was created for, and you’re not alone. Most of us know nothing about financial markets. The great thing about this program is you DON’T HAVE to know anything! The software does the “heavy lifting” and you follow simple directions. Better still, you can set it to “Auto Trading” and make money while you’re out playing!

“High Tech” sounds like it could be “high risk.” Is this safe?

Yes, your money is VERY safe. First, the program is extremely good and seeking out the “winners” and tossing out the “losers.” In years of testing and usage over millions of trades, it’s racked up an impressive 91.89% win rate. And unlike traditional stocks, when a rare lose does occur, you’ll never lose more than you’re trading. In this case, “high tech” turns into “high profits!”

Is it okay to “spy” on what other people are looking at online?

Not only is it okay, it’s perfectly legal and ethical, and it’s being done all the time by thousands of companies, mostly for marketing and advertising purposes. Think of it this way; Paul Reed discovered a method to “mine” the data that is already “out there,” then devised an amazing piece of software that instantly capitalizes on the information. (He’s a pretty good guitar player too!)

How fast will I make money with Trade X Confidential?

After spending just 10-15 minutes setting up your account, set the system on “Auto Trading” and you could see the first profits deposited into your account within minutes. The program instantly focuses on the best opportunities in markets around the world, places a trade for you, then can exit that trade for a profit within seconds. Spendable cash will be in your bank and in your hands within days.

Can I use Trader X Confidential while I’m traveling?

Absolutely! And your vacations are about to get a lot nicer and longer! Your Trade X Confidential homepage can be accesses from anywhere you can get the internet. Desk top, lap top, smart phone, tablet; you can check your account on any device from anywhere. And with “Auto Trading” you’ll still be making money while you’re out playing anywhere in the world!

How much money will I need to get started?

Not as much as you think. Your brokers’ account has a minimum requirement of only $250. That is enough to get you on your way to some amazing money. Of course, the more you start out with the larger your early trades and your early profits will be. Deposit as much as you possibly can to get going, then watch your account grow that much quicker.